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Vertex VX2100E-2200E

Vertex VX2100E-2200E


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Equipped with 50W VHF/45W UHF power output for efficient communication, the VX-2100/2200 Series provides reliable, extensive signalling features and enhanced channel capacity.

The die-cast aluminium used to build this Vertex Standard radio helps to dissipate heat and absorb vibration for durability.


Extensive Band Coverage in One Radio

The VX-2100/2200 series is designed to cover the full band of frequencies in the VHF and upper range of the UHF bands. This gives you broader band coverage in just one long-range radio.

Enhanced Channel Capacity for Maximum Communication

Opt for the VX-2100 series with 8 channels for easy operation or the VX-2200 series with 128 channels for large group communication. Either way, efficiency is maximised.

Additional Scanning Options

Unlike other two-way mobile radios, the VX-2100/2200 series provides exceptional flexibility in scanning features to optimise your operations in different types of environments. In addition to basic scan, this Vertex Standard two-way radio also comes with Priority, Dual Watch, Follow-me, Follow-me Dual Watch and Talk Around scanning with a built-in programmable home channel function.

Ensuring Worker Safety

The VX-2100/2200 Series comes in a standard format with built-in Emergency and Lone Worker alerts to enhance the safety of your drivers.

Compatibility with Existing MCD System

By adding the optional VME-100 board to your long-range two-way radio, you can make your VX-350 Series complement the rest of your MDC-1200® fleet.

Exclusive Auto-Range Transpond System – ARTS™

Like all other Vertex Standard radios, the VX-2100/2200 Series is designed to inform you when another ARTS™-equipped station is within communication range. It is a great solution to keep your workers coordinated.


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