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Corporate Response Pack

Corporate Response Pack


Businesses today face increased responsibility to clients and staff. Contingency operation plans, health and safety and ISO accreditations, COSHH, Fire alarm drills and staff safety are some of these responsibilities. Let us help you by offering our Corporate Response Pack.

We have listened to what you have told us and have designed a package to your specifications.

With our Corporate Response Pack companies can cover their legal responsibilities to staff, increase response times, reduce costs and increase productivity. We want to make running of your offices smoother and more efficient while covering important issues such as fire drills/alarms, first aid or even terrorist attack, bomb threat and suspicious characters/items.

Corporate Response Pack will improve the following:

  • Reception to facility communication,
  • Localisation the staff,
  • On-site security,
  • Emergency communications.

Corporate Response Pack


Our Corporate Response Pack includes:

  • Hytera PD365 Digital Radios with accessories,
  • 115-piece First Aid Kit,
  • High visibility vests,
  • Stainless steel whistles,
  • Counter clickers.


Corporate Response Pack from GDS keeps on working in the event of a power cut, terrorist attack or simply no phone signal. Having multiple channels for staff to talk and listen the pack provides an effective fast response time. Because of that, our CRP proves to be an invaluable asset.

To ideally suit your business we offer Corporate Response Pack in many sizes. 


More Information

If you would like to learn more about our pack, specifications and available options we have prepared a useful leaflet. To request it, simply fill out the form below: