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Two Way Radio Packages

Radio Packages Suited to Your Needs


At GDS we try to make sure that all of our customers get what they require. Based on our experience, we prepared a range of radio packages suited to all needs. We understand that not every facility or business needs two-way radios for everyday operations. However, two-way radios are essential in a situation that requires instant communication. And that’s the tool we would like to provide.

The safety of pupils, staff members and employees should always be a priority. That’s why we prepared different packages, available in a wide variety of options. Our corporate and school packs contain not only two-way radios but also other items, essential in emergency situations.


Corporate Response Pack

If you are a director or an employee of a small business we recommend our Corporate Response Pack.

Principal School Pack

If you are a parent, a headmaster or a school staff member find out more about our Principal School Pack.

Flexible Integrated Plan

We have teamed up with Integra Energy Solutions UK Ltd to offer a complete package to our customers for communication and energy needs.