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Vertex VX 351

Vertex VX 351

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All-Purpose Radio With A Wide Range Of Built-In Capabilities – Vertex VX351

The Vertex VX351 all-purpose handheld radio is compact and easily portable. Both economical as well as safety-conscious, this radio includes a built-in emergency notification that will send an emergency unit ID and transmit with a live microphone, perfect when working alone. This two way radio requires a licence for use in the UK. If lost or stolen, the VX-351 can be remotely disabled either by Stun command (for temporary disabling) or Kill command (for permanent disabling). There are 6 scan options including Priority, Dual Watch, Follow Me and Talk Around scan Unique to Vertex Standard radios, the Auto-Range Transpond System (ARTS) will inform you when another ARTS-equipped device is within communication range. When out of range for over 2 minutes, the radio will alert you that no signal has been received, ideal for keeping everyone coordinated.

  Key Features

  • 16 channel capacity
  • 5 Watts UHF or VHF
  • Wide band coverage
  • 1800 mAh Lithium-Ion battery for up to 15 hours operation
  • Extra signaling built in
  • 5 tone signalling
  • Dual 2-tone decode is built in as well as 2-tone encode
  • Option connector for encryption or MDC-1200
  • Stun Kill and Revive


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