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VERTEX VX-4500/4600

VERTEX VX-4500/4600


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Professional Mobile Radio Communication Optimised Vertex VX-4500/4600 Series

The VX-4500/4600 mobile radios are fully equipped with enhanced features and signalling performance functions for more tractable communication and ensuring workers’ safety.


Extended Signaling and Security Capabilities

The VX-4500/4600 series is one of the many Vertex Standard radios providing a full range of signalling capabilities, including 2-tone, 5-tone and MDC 1200® encode/decode for selective calling. With a built-in voice inversion encryption, private communication is enhanced, thus ensuring that messages can only be heard by intended recipients.

Enhanced Audio Performance

  • Focus on the task at hand while communicating on multiple channels with the Channel Announcement function. This feature on your Vertex Standard radio allows you to broadcast your message to multiple channels simultaneously, thus saving you the trouble of having to switch from one channel to another.
  • The VX-4500/4600 series is equipped with Voice Activation (VOX) to enable users to transmit voice messages without having to press the Push-To-Talk button.
  • Suitable for noisy environment, this mobile radio has a Clear Voice function that can be activated to ensure your message is heard loud and clear.
  • The mobile radio’s Whisper capability function can be activated in quiet environments to augment audio transmission —, perfect for much needed discreet communication.
  • Equipped with the DVS-8 Voice Storage unit, this two-way communication radio enables you to record and store up to 120 seconds of important messages.

Monitoring Worker Safety

The VX-4500/4600 series, as with all the Vertex Standard radios, has the following three key features to ensure the safety of the user.

Built-in Emergency Alert

With just a push of a button on this Vertex Standard mobile radio, an emergency notification to alert for help will be sent to a designated channel. The two-way radio will also automatically switch and monitor the designated emergency channel. Transmissions will be done through a live microphone, an added benefit when you’re working alone.

Lone Worker Alert

The VX-4500/4600 Series comes with a built-in timer that requires the user to reset it at a predetermined interval. If the reset is not done, this mobile two-way radio will automatically switch to emergency mode to alert for help.

Vertex Standard’s Exclusive Auto-Range Transpond System – ARTS™

Like all other Vertex Standard radios, the VX-4500/4600 Series is designed to inform you when you and another ARTS™-equipped station are within each other’s communication range. A great solution to keep your workers coordinated.

Manageable System for Large Group Communications

The VX-4500/4600 Series is available in two options: Opt for the VX-4600 series with 512-channel capacity and 32 groups for easy operation of the most complex job. For smaller operations, we recommend the VX-4500 series with 8 channels. Either way, efficiency will be maximised.


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