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Flexible Integrated Plan

Flexible Integrated Plan


We believe that businesses are stronger together and as such, we have teamed up with GDS Energy UK Limited. We offer a complete package to our customers for communication and energy needs. Together we can offer you an enhanced energy package with 1 to 1 service from Energy Brokers GDS Energy UK Ltd combined with GDS Radios Ltd. 

Streamline your business needs, reduce your business concerns and allow us to facilitate your communication and energy requirements.

When you combine both your radio needs and your energy requirements, you will be able to reduce your business outgoings. It means more time and more money to invest.

We will tailor a package specifically for your business needs depending on your energy usage and radio requirements.

Integra Energy offers competitive prices on the energy market and prices can be further reduced in conjunction with radio hire. By taking both services with an integrated provider allows us the provider to reduce your costs considerably.

Our Flexible Integrated Plan allows you to take either Radios, Energy or both. For radios, you have the option to rent or purchase. If you rent from us your repairs and service are included in the rental agreement. If you utilize both aspects of our integrated package, you will qualify for free radio rental in accordance with the length of contract irrespective of the number of radios you require.

GDS Energy UK Ltd and GDS Radios Ltd Integrated Plan works on the principle of the more you take with us the more you save with us.


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More Information

If you would like to learn more about our pack, specifications and available options we have prepared a useful leaflet. To request it, simply fill out the form below: