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Motorala XTNi – XTNiD

Introducing Motorola’s newest additions to the license free market, the XTNi & XTNiD, for business and everyday use. This radio boasts a range of approx 8km, depending on terrain.

Vertex VX 351

All-Purpose Radio With A Wide Range Of Built-In Capabilities - Vertex VX351

Motorola XTR 446

The Motorola XTR446 provides you with all the convenience and benefits of two-way communications without the cost or hassle of obtaining an operating licence.

Kenwood TK3301

The TK-3301 follows on from the TK-3201 T2 Replacing what has become the industry standard for commercial grade PMR446 radios.

HYT TC 446 Licence-free radio

The palm size and lightweight TC-446 portable radio will deliver you solid two-way performance at a very competitive price.

HYT POWER 446 licence-free radio

The Power 446 brings all the benefits of a licence free radio with the build quality and robustness of a licenced unit.